About An Uprising

Hello, I am Kevin Weaver.     

I want you to know, whether you believe it or not, that you're treasured, honored and loved!

Thank you, for connecting with An Uprising-A Call To Battle™ at this most important time in human history.

Personally, I consider it the highest honor to co-labor with people around the world in what I believe eternity will call the most "glorious" generational transition in the history of mankind!

A new generation of revolutionaries is rising up - a new breed of disciple - literal image bearers of the person of Jesus from every age, gender, background extending Heavens reality and loves ideal into every realm of life on planet earth.

With ever increasing regularity, I meet people from every part of the world who are discontent with the status quo and willing to relentlessly contend for new normal in order to see their individual, family, work, social lives and the culture they form transformed for a higher kind of good.

It's our aim at An Uprising- A Call To Battle to help equip these revolutionaries; individuals and small groups around the world to become master disciples of Jesus and subsequently super-human in their ability bring about loves ideal while identifying and not allowing that which is not.

We want to see an uprising in this generation; where radical levels of generosity are common place, where loves ideal is not expressed with words alone but liberally demonstrated with tangible evidence and signs that make even the most cynical wonder, and the super-natural realities of love that Jesus modeled are delivered with real impact as recreational activity void of weirdness, sensationalism and traditional dogma.

I envision a day when it no longer seems acceptable for people:

To pray and not actually expect to hear God speak,

To pursue God but not expect to encounter God in an experiential way,

To study to know God more but not expect Him to provide inspired revelation about Himself,

To attend gatherings where God is discussed but never really expect God to show up and manifest,

To labor for God but never actually expect God to personally reward them as a laborer.

To others to God based on a supernatural premise, like a virgin birth and a miraculous resurrection of the dead, but then not expect these things to be present-tense realities in their everyday life once they believe.

For an uprising to truly begin however, I believe something else must happen first -- what I call a "Great Reorientation"! 

The great reorientation and the aim of the book, Re_Orient You'll See An Uprising, is aimed at offering this and future generations entirely new definitions and paradigms for words like love, sin, religion and church. It reorients people to what a christian is versus a disciple and what it really means to receive the tangible rewards of the gospel Jesus originally intended to deliver in order to be saved as originally defined. And lastly, it redefines what it means to actually be a doer of these things and revive the "real great commission" Jesus spoke of versus the one tradition has emphasized for generations!

As this Great Reorientation begins, I believe we will observe the end of an age, a "Mosaic" or "Moses type" era; one where it's been common to relegate divine encounter to single leaders and institutions who then carry burdens to feed masses of other individuals who often feel ill equipped to then connect directly to God themselves and impact the world for His purposes outside the context of what has been traditionally defined as ministry.

A new era is upon us, a "Joshua" or "Joshua type" generation is rising up. It's marked by a new mindset; one that envisions everybody involved, self-sufficient in God and empowered by supernatural endowments of grace:

To restore original glory

To co-laboring with God,

To understand His Word,

To never be separated from God,

To have their senses trained to be led by His Spirit,

To hone the skills necessary to think like, speak like and do what Jesus did,

To bring about heavens reality and loves ideal in every realm of life now,

And to not defer these realities only to an age to come.

I see an new kind of equipping movement emerging. One designed to practically equip this generation to recover wholeness, mature in these supernatural endowments of grace and rise up, battle for and bring about loves ideal in every realm of life.

I believe, as a close friend of mine, Chuck Frazier often says;

"Eternity will call this emerging generation a "chosen generation".  "Chosen" because of their emphasis on personal  "choice" and their willingness to "choose" among so many things that compete for their attention.

And while An Uprising is in no way anti-church, anti-ministry or anti-leader; as this chosen generation reorients and begins to rise up, I believe they'll inadvertently challenge status quo as they forge new models for what has been traditionally thought of as church and will transform the idea of ministry as the world's defined it for centuries. 

It’s my personal passion and the aim of this movement, to help facilitate this transition and equip this generation to succeed in reaching its aims; not to duplicate or detract from the efforts other great ministries but to enhance them by helping equipping more individuals to disciple up and do the work of ministry.  

Whether equipping a single individual, a small group or gatherings of hundreds or thousands, our assignment at An Uprising-A Call To Battle™ is the same;

To inspire and equip a massive, real-time, decentralized, highly organized, expeditiously equipped, infinitely scalable, locally focused, self-sufficient and globally impacting uprising of individuals and small groups to become master-level disciples of Jesus to bring about loves ideal in their everyday lives and geographic realms of influence.

If you to feel called to battle and are ready to rise up and reorient but wondering about the best way to get started; h
ere's  a few options to consider.

1. Get reoriented first with the Re_Orient: You'll See An Uprsing book at www.thereorientbook.com 

2. Get ready to rise up by watching this Welcome to An Uprising Video (3 min.)

3. Get informed with free email update and Introduction to An Uprising- A Call To Battle Audio (2 hr.) 

4. Get equipped with these additional Video, Audio and Music resources.

5. Get to an upcoming equipping intensive.  

6. Get busy treasuring others and share the results at www.iamtreasured.com  

7. Get engaged via our YouTube Channel.  

8. Get together with an your small group and repeat items 1-7 above.

9. Get supportive by strengthening the movement and extending its reach.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@anuprsing.com.

Remember we are an intentionally small troop of committed volunteers who desire to have a big impact. With this in mind,  please be gracious with us as it related to response times for email inquiries. 

Thank you again for visiting and your desire to learn about An Uprising-A Call To Battle™.


Let the reorientation begin and the uprising continue in this generation!

In gratitude and joy,

Kevin L. Weaver
Founder, An Uprising-A Call To Battle™ Inc.