Our five step intensive training approach originated in the context of our larger aim at An Uprising- A Call to Battle

Each intensive is thoughtfully designed to equip people currently reading or who have completed reading the first book in An Uprising Series, Re_Orient: You’ll See An Uprising by Kevin Weaver to become fully mature, master-level disciples (in the reoriented sense of the term).

Each intensive combines a unique blend of audible, visual and physical instruction with a series of immersion style learning, exercise and practice based interactives. Each is designed to train a specific aspect of an individual’s senses to be led by God and rightly discern between what is Gods (loves) ideal in every situation and that which is not.

Each intensive builds on the previous experience base and is designed to systematically enable each individual to operate at master levels of competency in the twenty-one supernatural endowments of grace Jesus modeled and emulate them to bring about loves ideal in every realm of individual, family, community, business and civic life.


As with anything in life that requires real mastery, everyone has to start somewhere.

Regardless of where a person starts however, matching an individuals desire and current levels of maturity in a given area with the appropriate training to produce the next level of maturity is critical.

Both require a kind of personal interaction that often large gatherings, by their very nature, don’t allow. For this reason, we intentionally limit the size of our intensives based on the type of instruction and mastery being pursued.

In short, the greater the level instruction and interaction required, the smaller the size of the intensive.

INTENSIVE                                                            SIZE                     DURATION

001 Reorient Intensive (Mastery level 1)                    NA                   Self-directed

002 Reorient Intensive (Mastery level 2)                40 or less                 2 Days 

003 Reorient Intensive (Mastery level 3)                40 or less                 2 Days

004 Reorient Intensive (Mastery level 4)                40 or less                 2 Days 

005 Reorient Intensive (Mastery level 5)                 12 or less                 3 Days 


To begin, go to the Intensive Overview Page, pick the intensive level
that’s right for you, select the date and location desired and register.


Every intensive is meticulously designed to include:

Content rich intensive training sessions,


Content specific individual and small group interactive sessions

Content specific music and exercises

Content specific question and answer sessions

Content specific personalized training manuals

Content specific personalized completion certificates

A high quality meal lunch provided for each multiday intensive.    

A variety of high quality snacks and beverages for each multiday intensive.   

A first-class, contemporary environment for optimum learning and retention.

Discounted room rates (when applicable).

Discounted services (when applicable)

Other perks and surprises


*Please note: Travel and lodging costs are not included in the cost of tuition.        


Our Intensives are held at private Equipping Center in Downtown Dallas TX. Lodging is not provided on site but there are many options nearby in downtown Dallas.

When selecting this location, we ask ourselves a few questions.                

Is it an escape from the ordinary?                

Is it inspiring enough to induce a feeling of wow?

Is it a place people will feel revived by?

Is it conducive for intimate and immersive style learning?        

Is it contemporary enough to deliver the highest quality of sonic and visual production?        

Is it affordable for a wide range of budgets?        

Is it easily accessible?

Is it a place that will make our guests feel highly valued?

Our new location provides a resounding "yes" to all these questions. Its simply epic.  Intensives generally start each day at 9:00 am and close at 7:00 pm.

Got questions about this location? Email us your thoughts at


Our intensives are for individuals, couples and small groups, at least 15 years of age who've read or completed reading the first book in An Uprising Series, Re_Orient: You’ll See An Uprising.

Due to the intensive, and massively reorienting nature of each intensives, we strongly suggest (while not required) that individuals consider attending with at least one another individual and couples consider attending with at least one other couple.

Trust us, there was a reason Jesus sent people out two-by-two. And while again it's not required, it will help you walk things out once you return home.          

What qualifications are needed to begin? Simply put, the single biggest qualifications are "curiosity" and  "desire".

Each person should be curious to receive and desire:   


To experientially connect more with the person of Jesus,        

To expediently connect more to the nature of The Father and The Holy Spirit,

To make doing what Jesus did part of your very own nature,        

To train until actually doing what Jesus did becomes your second nature,        

To be equipped to do what Jesus did to bring about loves ideal in every realm of life,        

To learn to practice and exercise in order perform at Jesus’ master levels of competence,        

To learn how to co-labor with others to extend loves ideal into other realms of culture,        

To reclaim and help others their original glory.        

To be willing to abandon and reorient any practice or tradition that’s doesn’t do all the above!        

To learn to have fun doing all this in everyday life without weirdness or sensationalism!        


We also send out a notification email upon registration containing other basic preparations to
help you get the most out of your intensive experience.  


When asked to share on video they said:

When others who’ve attended a Re_Orient Intensive were asked to rate their overall experience and tell us among other things:


If they would attend again?

If they would they recommend it to others?

If they felt the value far exceeded the cost?


Here is what they said:


93% rated their experience a 9 out of 10 (none were less than 8)        

100% said they would absolutely attend another intensive        

100% said they would absolutely recommend the intensive to others

98% felt the value they received far exceeded the cost


When asked to describe their experience in a word, they said:











Overwhelm (in a good way)



When asked to describe their experience in a sentence, they said:


The biggest challenge to my theology since my first fraternity party.        

This is the "more" everyone is looking for.        

An earth shattering, world changing revelation of unadulterated truth.        

The most insightful and progressive understanding of biblical truth I've ever encountered.        

Christianity and the world will never be the same. Prepare to seriously reorient.        

It will challenge and revolutionize everything you every thought you knew.        

I learned more in this 1 weekend than 4 years in seminary.

You will never read your bible the same way again after reorienting -- seriously.        

This is an upgrade from Christianity version 1.0 to 7.0 in 2 days.

This a game changer on too many levels to mention.        

A twenty year missionary and I've never hear the gospel until reorient - astonishing.

*The above were actual results from an online survey taken with days of the last intensive.
100% of attendees were surveyed, 90+ % responded. 32% were individuals. 68% were couples. 57% of the respondents were male and 43% were female. 


Email us with questions at